Welcome to the XYZ Demo Center


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Hello :)

I would like to translate the following into Italian. We are opening a sort of technical showroom in our building where we will show various computer equipment and we would like to hang signs in different languages, including Italian.

The sentence is short: Welcome to the XYZ Demo Center! (where XYZ is the name of the company)

So far I have this: Benvenuti nel Demo Center XYZ!
Is this correct?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Hello Boterham,

    You are very far back on page 4, so I'll try, and that will pop you to the top of the forum where the experts are.

    Welcome to the XYZ Demo Center!

    Benvenuti al Centro (di) Demostrazione del XYZ!
    Benvenuti al Centro (di) Esibizione del XYZ!

    Have no faith in the above, let's wait...


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    "Benvenuto al Centro di Dimostrazione XYZ".. or better "Benvenuto al Demo Center XYZ", since we use a lot of English terms, especially in the ICT context..