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I am a bit confused by the use of 'welcome to'. I thought clear for me, but maybe not so much.
It is an actual example of what happened.

Let's say you're working for a company (we'll use Google), and you're having people from a client company (we'll use Samsung) paying a visit in your office. (The names have been changed, obviously :))
The TV screen at the reception desk was showing a banner "Welcome to Samsung". I have the feeling it is wrong, that if you write 'welcome to Samsung', you are in fact Samsung, greeting other people, not Google. But why is it wrong ? And what should have been displayed ?

I can't understand because if you write "Welcome to Mr XXX", it's the exact same structure (welcome to + who you want to welcome), but now Mr XXX feels like he the 'welcomee', not the 'welcomer' (if I may).

Thanks for your help !
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