Welcome vs Welcomed


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Do we say "an interview would be welcomed to more accurately reveal" or "an interview would be welcome to more accurately reveal"?
  • salsero_siempre03

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    I would go with "welcomed" based on this sentence:

    "I would be delighted to go to the movies with you."

    You would not say "I would be delight to go to the movies with you."
    It would help to have the entire sentence. That said, "would be welcome" is a stock phrase in English. I think it would be most natural to say, "... an interview would be welcome [in order] to reveal more accurately* ..."

    *I'm not a stickler about split infinitives, but to my ears "to more accurately reveal" is an ugly one, so I changed it. You can read the many threads here about split infinitives and make up your own mind.
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