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I'd like to ask native speakers if the proverbe "Such as it is, you are welcome to it" makes sense in English. Thanks.
  • dojibear

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    This makes sense. It doesn't sound like a proverb. More like a normal thing someone would say.

    There are other phrases for the "such as it is" part (like "for what it's worth"), but "such as it is" is quite common.


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    A proverb usually contains some core of popular wisdom, as in "A stitch in time saves nine". I can't see the "wisdom" enshrined in "Such as it is, you are welcome to it". How would you use this phrase, and what would be its deeper meaning?

    There may be some English equivalent, or it may not in fact be what we would call a proverb.

    Newt's suggestion doesn't sound like a proverb to me.:confused:
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