well-balanced balance?

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Is it the right expression? How do you say that a balance is well-balanced?

So much water spend as received -well-balanced balance.

Thank you!!
  • panjandrum

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    Even if it is correct to talk about a well-balanced balance, it is not a good idea to use the same word in two forms close together like this.


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    Maybe i used the wrong word. What about well-balanced outcome. I mean as se16eddy said water in equals water out.

    thank you again!


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    I'm still not sure what the question is here.
    Certainly you can use the term well balanced, either as a predicate adjective:
    The conclusion was well balanced
    or as a normal adjective:
    He has a well balanced personality. (note that I omit the hyphen)

    A slightly more stressed version of this might be "finely balanced," particularly if you want to point out the someone has made an effort to make the thing well balanced.

    But a "well balanced balance" sounds to me like a laboratory instrument (a balance) that is resting comfortably on the top of a Coke bottle.

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