Well, being reached/having reached a coffee shop, we stopped for a cup of coffee.


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Where did you stop on your way to Paris?
Well, …… a coffee shop, we stopped for a cup of coffee.
a) being reached
b) having reached (Answer Key)
c) to reach
d) reached

Source: school exam

Why can't A also work? Maybe they have stopped suddenly while moving. This is my analysis for A.
Would you please ell me why A can not work?

Thank you.
  • Juhasz

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    You could make a sentence like this with "being reached," but the structure would have to be changed a bit. What's most important is that having reached is something that the people (in this case, we) do - we have reached the coffee shop. Being reached is something that happens to the coffee shop - The coffee shop being reached, we... This would still be a pretty unnatural sounding sentence, but it's at least (more) grammatically correct.


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    I can't imagine anyone actually using that sentence in conversation.
    Also, the person asking the initial question is probably expecting that you stopped in another city, not a roadside coffee shop. ;)