we'll have a delay / there will be a delay


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a, We'll have a twenty-minute delay to repair the bus.
b. There will be a twenty-minute delay to repair the bus.

Are the above sentences grammatically correct?
Are they natural?

The idea is that repairing the bus will take twenty minutes and therefore we'll be delayed by twenty minutes.

The sentences seem fine to me.

Many thanks.
  • Dryan

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    English - Northeastern U.S.
    Sentence b sounds fine to me.

    I don't like sentence a. I think we'll have sounds like a non-native way of expressing the imperative in the 1st person plural.
    I would say "We'll be delayed 20 minutes for bus repairs."

    The passive future tense here emphasizes that it's outside of anyone's control.

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    Both sentences are grammatical but, as Dryan says, sentence (a) does not fit the situation. "We will have" is a way of announcing a planned event: "We'll have twenty minutes for lunch", for example. Here you have an unplanned situation..
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