well, I'll be!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by friggione, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. friggione Member

    Excuse me,
    Could you please explain me what does mean the following expression:

    "Well I'll be!"

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks everybody in advance
  2. DanyD

    DanyD Senior Member

    Italiano, Italy

    Could you please give some context?
  3. TimLA

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    "Well, I'll be..."

    It's just an exclamation, like "caspita"!

    It is used in a situation of surprise.

    John: Did you hear that Maria had twin girls?
    Jim: No, well, I'll be...

    It probably is short for "well, I'll be damned", with people just dropping the "damned" - overly sensitive.

  4. friggione Member

    yes i think that's right because the context is about two men that meet after much time...
    thanx a lot!!!
  5. danalto

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    Benvenuto nel forum di WR, friggione. Spero non ti dispiaccia se ho fatto qualche piccola correzione!
    Attenzione alle regole, prima che uno dei Mod te lo rammenti: scrivi in italiano corretto, facendo attenzione alla punteggiatura ed evitando abbreviazioni stile sms e usando le maiuscole in modo appropriato! :)
  6. danalto

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    Roma, Italia, Europa
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  7. jazmove New Member

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    It's an expression you use after hearing something incredible or when you're suprised.
  8. dylanG3893

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