well-... or ...-conscious?

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    I want you to help me with these structures that i couldn't find in any dictionary:
    Is it well-health or health-conscious?
    well-safety or safety-conscious?
    Could you please explain to me the meanings of these structures?

    Is it 'self-conscious' correct? Does it make reference to a person who only cares about himself?
    Please, feel free to correct my mistakes.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Without more context I am not sure what you are trying to say, but well-health and well-safety don´t make sense to me. Self-conscious is a good word, but it does not necessarily mean a person who only cares about himself. It refers to someone who is overly aware of himself, his appearance, or his behavior. A self-conscious person usually feels very uncomfortable, he thinks that everyone is noticing his behavior or appearance (whether or not they really are).

    health-conscious and safety-conscious are good words.
  3. altagracia New Member

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    Health-conscious significa "preocupado por la salud", "cuidadoso con la salud", o incluso "sano" o "saludable".

    La misma estructura es "safety-conscious": preocupado por o cuidadoso con la seguridad.

    Self-conscious significa "avergonzado" o "consciente de sí mismo" --es decir, abochornado, apurado...

    Well-health y "well-safety" son agramaticales, no significan nada.

    Espero que te sirva, son estructuras muy difíciles de traducir bien al español.
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    As gotitadeleche indicated, "conscious" means aware and when you append it to a noun with a hyphen, it means the person is aware of that issue.

    Health-conscious = aware of health

    The health-conscious consumer will buy fresh fruits, whole grains, and vitamin supplements.

    Safety-conscious = aware of safety

    The safety-conscious driver will always buckle up.

    Self-conscious, as gotitadeleche explained, carries the connotation of being overly aware of oneself, to the point of embarrassment:

    He was very self-conscious about his stutter. Coming in late to class made her feel self-conscious.

    I hope this helps.


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