1. Anjosil Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Can anybody help me with the translation of this sentence?:
    "Despite his frequent ineffectualmness, he is one of the blessed meek whose inheritance is ultimately allowed to be a well-ordered patch of earth"

    Does it mean that "he" is someone acknowledged as a kind of hero to save people from human vices ?

    Thanks a lot!!
  2. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    In the bible it says that "the meek shall inherit the earth"

    Your sentence mentions that he is "one of the blessed meek" (a reference to the biblical saying), but then goes on to say that his inheritance will be a well-ordered patch of earth (that is, a grave).

    His "frequent ineffectualness", means that he is quite inept, which doesn't suggest that he is a hero; far from it. The sentence seems to be full of irony.

    Is further context available?
  3. Alisterio

    Alisterio Senior Member

    Mexico City
    UK English
    Speedier's interpretation is very interesting: I didn't pick up on the implied reference to a grave at first. I just thought that as the person in question is meek, the author was trying to portray him as the kind of nerdy person who would keep his little patch of earth (however insignificant) appropriately neat and tidy...
  4. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Hi Alisterio. The word "ultimately" suggested a grave, as this is the last thing that a person will inherit. More context would be nice though.
  5. Anjosil Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    Thanks a lot for your explanations. I would never had been able to translate it without your help.
    To provide more context, I can say the sentence is taken from a summary of a book written in the 18th. century by an English author named Oliver Goldsmith. The book is entitled "The Vicar of Wakefield", and deals with a priest, husbandman and father of family who behalfs all kind of misfortunes. It is a tragic story which means to restrain in a certain way the tearful emotions which had earlier been indulged by previous writers of the "sensibility" literary stream.
    In the novel, the alluded character try to act as a moral persuader, firm in his belief in the benignity of Divine Providence.

    Truly and sincerely, thanks a lot!
  6. liderinnova New Member

    Dear friend. Oliver Goldsmith is a classic english writer. His books had been translated already in spanish for decades.
    Your may get it even online in spanish. Hope it helps friend

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