well so much for not drinking before 5

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    It's a general colloquial statement expressed when one's actions contradict a prior statement of intent.

    For example:

    I will not drink (alcoholic beverage) before five o'clock. I have to work today.

    Reality: I go to lunch and order a glass of wine with my lunch. In doing such, I have contradicted what I stated I would do.

    Expression: "Well, so much for not drinking before 5."

    Another example:

    Statement to self: I plan to clean the house today.

    Reality: My best friend calls and says "Hey, let's go to a movie!" What do I do? I blow off my cleaning to go to a movie, and then shopping, and then dinner, etc.

    When I get back to a dirty house at the end of the day, what do I say to myself: "Well, so much for cleaning my house today."

    The expression can also be used if the situation is out of one's control.

    Example: I plan to garden today.

    Reality: A torrential rainstorm begins before I get the chance to go outside.

    "Well, so much for gardening."

    It implies that that idea or plan has been blown by other unforseen circumstances, whether they are by choice, or not.

    In particular in the US, drinking an alcoholic beverage before 5:00 p.m. is considered taboo in some social circles.

    I am not certain what our BE friends have to say on the subject. Theirs may be a different perspective entirely.


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    debirey said:
    se dice como un chiste porque aunque trataron de no tomar antes de las cinco, lo hicieron y era algo bueno.
    Just thought I'd pop in with a friendly reminder that this is the English Only forum. Perhaps you'd like to edit your post (or post a new one) to include a translation into English.


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    rich7 said:
    well so much for not drinking before 5
    Well maybe the person is saying that he was attempting to NOT drink before Happy Hour and he failed miserably. In the US, "Happy Hour" begins around 5:00 PM in most bars and pubs.


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    Plus, in the US it's somewhat socially unacceptable to drink during the day (at least during the business week) so it could imply a failure to control the drinking impulse (depending on the context, of course).


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    Thanks for reminding me of my silly questions...jejeje

    Two and half years later....
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