Welsh: A Coke, please.


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Hello, how would you order a Coke in a bar in Welsh? I mean how do you say "A coke, please." in Welsh? The pronunciation in IPA, please, too. Thanks, Encolpius.
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    There's a whole range, from very informal:

    /ko:k pli:s/ 'Coke, plîs' ('(A*) Coke, please')
    more formal: /ga: I go:k, os 'gwɛlwX Xi:n ða:/ 'Ga i Goke**, os gwelwch chi'n dda?' ('Receive I (a) Coke, if you will see you in-the-state-of good?') = 'May/Can I have a Coke, please?'

    *Welsh has no indef. art.

    **Grammar demands the initial consonant change/softly mutate, though it may be bizarre to some ...


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    Practice varies, @Stoggler, hence my double starred warning. After all, grammar books will cite some authors as writing such things as 'hen Gortinas' or 'racsyn o Gortina' and 'Fe dalwch fwy o lawer am Fercedes'. (See Thorne, 1993: 74). The radical also occurs, 'yn ei Daimler newydd o'.

    As for mutating here ('Goke'), I must say using the radical ('o Coke') sounds harsh on my ears and I personally would mutate. I guess not everyone would.
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