Welsh: Gwyn fy myd


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Hello, bonjour !
I came across this expression, "Gwyn fy myd" in Welsh and I was wondering what it meant. I don't speak Welsh, and G**gle Translate gives me "my world is white/mon monde est blanc", but I don't really understand it.
I saw it in a book in Welsh for learners, it only has a English-Welsh lexicon at the back, but the term  gwyn is not specifically explained, I've just found out it means white/blanc.
There's a picture of the main character saying this where you see her smiling and looking really happy, so my world is white doesn't make sense in this context for me.

Does someone knows what this truly means or could it mean something different? Thanks in advance for your input, even if you're not Welsh.
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  • First of all, a caveat: I'm not a native speaker, and my knowledge of Welsh is still very rudimentary, but I looked it up on the GPC app (which I very much recommend) and it says that, while that phrase's literal meaning is indeed "white my world", what it actually means is "blessed am I" (= I'm lucky).
    Oh! Thanks for answering, I would never have guessed! But it makes much more sense. So here, not only gwyn means  blessed, but fy myd means am I and not my world?
    Then maybe a native Welsh person could help us with that?😊
    (GPC app?)
    'Fy myd' is literally, 'My world' (with the expected nasal mutation, <b> to <m> after 'fy'). There's an understood, 'I am' I suppose, because it's the feeling that I have of being 'blessed', but it's the world itself which is so.
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