Welsh: Love someone to bits


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I want to say "She is my beautiful best friend and I love her to bits."

What I've come up with is: Hi yw fy prydferth frind gorau, a rwyf wrth fy modd hi (to bits).

How do you say 'love someone to bits' in Welsh?
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    Yet another Google Welsh translate failure! It really is bad, it translates word for word and takes an English word order but welsh has a different word order.

    She is my best friend is "Fy ffrind gorau yw hi" or "fy ffrind gorau ydy hi" (South Wales v North Wales usage).

    To add beautiful, add prydferth after ffrind gorau.

    I love her to bits is "dw i'n ei charu (hi) i ddarnau"

    The bit in brackets is optional and is usually used in speech


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    I'd say "hi yw fy ffrind gorau del i, a dwi'n dwli arni".

    "Dwli ar" is the idiomatic, non-literal translation of "love to bits". You can't say "caru i ddarnau" (literal translation) since it doesn't make sense in Welsh. It would be like in English if you said you loved someone to quarters - people just don't say that ;)

    Prydferth while perfectly ok is also quite formal, hence my use of "del".