Welsh: os gwelwch yn dda


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One of the first things I learned as a Welsh learner was the Welsh for ‘please’, which is ‘os gwelwch yn dda’, or the familiar ‘os gweli di’n dda’.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever heard that being said in real life or on S4C programmes: it always seems to be ‘plis’.

Do any native speakers ever use ’os gwelwch yn dda’ in their speech, or has it completely replaced by the English borrowed word? Is there a formality or style factor going on?
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    Plîs is much more often heard in spoken Welsh, although "os gwelwch yn dda" is still around. It is more formal.


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    The length of the Welsh phrase might also be a factor. :)
    In "Teach Yourself Welsh" (early '90s), "plîs" is not used at all, probably because they considered it a blatant Anglicism. They didn't have a problem with "wel", though.