Welsh: preposition o = "some"?

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    Is the preposition o "of" still used in any Welsh dialects with the meaning "some (of)"?

    In Middle Welsh texts, one sometimes sees constructions like y mae o ddwr yn y ffynnon "there is (some) water in the well", but I don't think I was taught this construction when I studied Modern Welsh, so maybe it has died out (assuming it was ever very widespread).

    I also remember seeing o used in this way with countable nouns like march "horse", but I don't remember if it took the singular form (o farch) or the plural (o feirch).

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    It occurred to me that the use of o with negative objects (e.g., Welais i ddim ohono "I didn't see him", literally "I saw none of him") might be a related pattern to the one I'm asking about.

    However, if you interpret dim as meaning "nothing" in this type of sentence (Welais i ddim ohono), then it seems as though o is still "dependent" on a preceding noun, unlike cases such as y mae o ddwr.

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