were established (adjective ?)


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Often enough the craft worker’s place of employment in ancient Greece was set in rural isolation. Potter, for instance, found it convenient to locate their workshops near their source of clay, regardless of its relation to the center of settlement. At Corinth and Athens, however, two of the best-known potters’ quarters were situated on the cities’outskirts, and potters and makers of terra-cotta figurines were also established well within the city of Athens itself.

Source: "IELTS test".

Do you agree that "established" is an adjective there that means "existing for a long period of time"?
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    In this context, established = located/ situated
    (not an adjective, but a past participle).


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    I usually see that houses, businesses not people are located in a place.

    The business is located right in the center of town.
    The hotel is centrally located between Dam Square and Central Station.
    Our office is located in the city centre

    However, how about this one?
    I am located in in the city centre.
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