We're expecting some <in?> sometime next week


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'We normally keep them but we've had a run on them and I'm afraid we've sold out. We're expecting some in sometime next week"
This is a sentence from my exercises.

Is "in" in the sentence correct? I have never seen it used before "sometime", nor have I seen it combined with "next week".
Or maybe should "in" be read as "in the shop", meaning:
We're expecting some in [the shop] sometime next week, which would make perfect sense to me :) Thanks
  • Kirill V.

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    I think your last intepretation is quite possible if said with the proper intonation. In writing I'd rather expect it to be expanded to avoid misunderstanding, something like:
    We're expecting some to come in sometime next week


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    All you need is a comma there, if you think the sentence isn't clear:
    "We're expecting some in, some time next week." In practice there would be no pause, so it is correctly written as in post #1. "I'm expecting some in tomorrow /next month/ some time next week." (Kwistax is right - not "sometime")

    Edit: I'm having second thoughts about "sometime", it seems to be the correct choice.
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