wet knot


Could anyone help me with this phrase, I read it in a novel but I haven't been able to find a single reference to it, neither in dictionaries, nor on the Internet.

"Late that night, he boarded a train back to Paris while I waited in Lausanne in a wet knot."

Does this mean anxiety, or what?
Thank you.
  • siloxr

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    Another possible meaning is "constricting, tight anxiety"--that kind of anxiety where the feeling is so great it feels like a physical pressure is pressing in on one's chest. I say this because when a fiber rope (this applies to fiber lines and fiber strings as well) gets wet, it shrinks. This allows the rope to be pulled much tighter. As the rope is pulled tighter, water is squeezed out and the rope tries to expand back to its normal size, but since it is in a knot it cannot return to full size evenly and this ends up locking the rope in place. This happens to some knots more easily than other knots. In the movie The Prestige, the rivalry between the two main characters was started because one believed that the other accidentally killed his wife by using a knot that locks when it becomes wet during a performance.


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    Where is the quote from? A knot can be a small group of people. Was it wet because it was raining?
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