Wet Paint!


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After many years using the expression "it's wet painted" a friend of mine has told me I should say "it's wet paint". Paint as a noun not an adjective (as I thought it correct). I wonder why I learnt it as if it were an adjective (painted). My question is: Can I use this expression:
"Be careful, it's wet painted". If not, does it sound correct to say: "It's wet paint"? Wouldn't it be more correct to say: "The wall has just been painted"? I'm not sure of "it's wet paint":confused:
Thank you in advance!!
  • Hockey13

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    It's wet paint sounds a bit rough to me. I would say:

    There's wet paint [on the bench].

    The bench has just been painted.

    The paint is wet. <---sounds weird, but makes sense too

    The paint hasn't dried yet.


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    "wet-painted" doesn't sound natural to me. What's the alternative? "dry-painted"? :) That makes it sound like you can have a paint that is dry as you apply it.

    "The paint is still wet" would work for me, or just "Wet paint!", which is very common to see (or hear) in the U.S., in my experience. "Hey, watch out! Wet paint!" That works fine, in my opinion. :)

    I've also heard "That bench is freshly painted", which means that the paint is probably still wet and it's worth a check before you sit down.

    All of Hockey13's suggestions work for me, too.