1. hirondelled'hiver

    hirondelled'hiver Senior Member

    Quelqu'un jure que personne ne se mettra en travers de son chemin: not fat bitches not whack-ass boys.

    gros connard?
    Gros lourdingue?
    Quelle est la connotation?
  2. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    "whack ass" : dumb, stupid, silly, inane; unusual, weird [Source: Urban Dictionary]
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  3. jetset

    jetset Senior Member

    Pas d'abrutis complets :)
  4. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    No, and a word not in everyone's vocabulary in English either. My enlightenment was provided, as usual for this type of word, by the Urban Dictionary.
  5. oxymore64

    oxymore64 Senior Member

    Guayaquil, Équateur
    français - France
    Ou abrutis finis, mais on perd l'idée de weird.
  6. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    des enfoirés

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