What a halloween!

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    i'm wondering how to translate "what a halloween!" into french
  2. asdf11 New Member

    could it be "Quel c'est halloween"?

  3. Qcumber Senior Member

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    Hallowe'en doesn't exist in France.
    For Xmas, people would say "Quel Noël!"
    Then you replace Noël by any festival you fancy.
    Mind you, it's a double-edged expression! Depending on the intonation it can mean either it was a great Xmas or a disaster!
  4. solinvictus Senior Member

    French Romandie
    Un Halloween du tonnerre!

    This should keep it in the good side?
  5. RuK Senior Member

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    English/lives France
    Quel Halloween incroyable!

    Of course Halloween exists in France. It's just not traditional.
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    For French persons it may be interesting to learn that Hallowe'en is an ancient Irish pagan harvest Festival (Samhain) later taken over by christians as the eve of all Hallows.
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    Digger of the Day. Thank you for your insight.

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