What a lie..

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    I think we tend to use "qué" with an adjective, as in "¡qué mentiroso!" (What a liar!), and "vaya" with nouns, as in "¡vaya mentira!" (What a lie!).
    You can also say "¡vaya pedazo de mentira!" (What a big lie!) or "¡menuda mentira!" (menuda = pequeña, but here it's ironic, it means big)

    I'm sure there are lots of other ways to convey the same. This is what comes to my mind.

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    Here, in the South of Spain, we say: ¡Vaya mentira! or ¡Qué mentiroso! as child, or in a colloquial contect, but it it not elegant, nor educated.
    But we are tought to say: ¡Eso no es verdad!= ¡Eso no es cierto!=¡No es verdad!= ¡No es cierto"
    It is a similar thing in English with: "I want, never gets".

    My opinion only.
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