what (a) nice furniture

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I know that furniture is an uncountable noun. But when I write the sentence
"What nice furniture this is!",
I still get the feeling that something is missing here. Is it really correct without the indefinite article (a) before "furniture"?

Thank you
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    No, what you have is fine. You would not say "a furniture", although you might say something like "a furniture item", but then furniture becomes an adjective, even then it sounds a bit awkward.


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    The normal way is to say "What a nice piece of furniture"

    Of course, naming the item is even better. What a nice table. For example

    EDIT: of course, What nice furniture. is fine if you are talking about more than one piece.

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    I hadn't thought that "What nice furniture" might be referring to one piece. If that is the intention, then that would be wrong. It would have to be as Algrif says, "a nice table", "a nice piece of furniture", etc.
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