What am I to do?

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    la frase "What am I to do?" significa "¿Qué hago?" o "¿Qué debo hacer?".

    I think your translations are fine. "What am I to do?" sounds like old-fashioned American movie English to me, where the female protagonist finds herself in a sticky situation and asks herself rhetorically, "What am I to do?" Aside from your two suggestions, the other possibility could be ¿Qué haré?

    Because I believe it's rhetorical question, I don't think ¿Qué tengo que hacer? or ¿qué se supone que tengo que hacer? would be appropriate, because it's too literal. The person saying "What am I to do?" is expressing dismay and confusion over their situation, not asking for a step-by-step list of what to do.

    I like "¿Qué hago?" "¿Qué debo hacer?" o "¿Qué haré?"


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    ¿Qué he de hacer?

    What am I to do me suena a "What am I supposed to do." Pero a la vez, creo que depende de la persona, asi me viene.