What are these words called? [One 1/To 2 /For 4/ Ate 8]

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    << What are these words called? >>
    One 1

    To 2
    For 4
    Ate 8
    Queue Q
    You U
    I I
    Oh O
    A A
    Gee G
    See C
    Be B
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    They are homonyms.
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    Before they were used for text messaging, letters and numbers whose names are homonyms for words, along with pictures of objects that worked the same way, were used in rebus puzzles and rhymes.

    This is a previous thread on the topic: rebus rhyme


    Here is a paragraph from "Texting", an article by David Crystal. It contains terminology that may be useful:
    Textspeak is characterized by its distinctive graphology. Its chief feature is rebus abbreviation. Words are formed in which letters represent syllables, as seen in 'b', 'b4', 'NE', 'r', 'Tspoons', 'u', 'ur', 'xcept'. Use is made of logograms, such as numerals and symbols, as seen in '&', '@', '2',. 'abbreviS', 'b4', 'face2face', and 'sumr'.
    [This is from a downloadable PDF file: Texting - David Crystal ]
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    As well as being homonyms, they are often the basis for puns, though pun usually means a longer expression where the similarity of two sounds makes a joke.

    And I think that most of your examples are also abbreviations or acronyms used in texting.
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