What are you doing these days?

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  1. Imladris Senior Member

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    A: What ---- you ---- these days?
    B: I’m taking a course in graphic design.

    A) did / do
    B) are / doing
    C) do / do
    D) have / done
    E) were / doing

    I think only B works. Do you agree?

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  2. dermott

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    Yes, if you want the quoted answer.
  3. Harry Batt

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    Grammar is only one element of correct English. Usage is another element. In your examples, I would just find that only A is not able to work. For the other, in speech, it is not uncommon to ask a question in the the present tense and receive a reply in a different tense where the meaning is understood. As a native English speaker I would use <What do you do these days?>; <What have you done these days?> or <What were you doing these days?>. In American Ebonic [Black] language all the grammar problems in this situation would be covered simply by, "What's happening?"
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