What, are you, the last member?


Mauricio and Rosemary are being introduced to each other, and he, though slightly, but makes fun of her obesity. She is in turn making fun of him too, and I don't understand the joke. So she asks him about his jacket:
-- Is that a Members Only jacket?
-- Uh, yes. Yes, it is.
-- So, what, are you, like, the last member?
Shallow Hal, movie

Explain please.
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    Members Only is a brand of clothing that was something of a fashion fad in the 1980s and had been unfashionable for a while when the movie was made (2001). So she was teasing him about being out of style, the last remaining person to be wearing such an outdated brand. Calling him the last member is a joke on the name of the brand, as if it were an actual, now largely abandoned club he were the only remaining member of.

    According to Wikipedia the clothing line was revived in 2003, but the movie was already out by then.
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