what did it signify that those young ladies ...

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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 21

Quotation: “Good! but not quite the thing,” I thought, as I surveyed the effect: “they want more force and spirit;” and I wrought the shades blacker, that the lights might flash more brilliantly—a happy touch or two secured success. There, I had a friend’s face under my gaze; and what did it signify that those young ladies turned their backs on me? I looked at it; I smiled at the speaking likeness: I was absorbed and content.

Context: Jane was sketching a face and her cousins were taking no notice of her.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand the bold part. i try to interpret it as below. Is it correct?

"to signify" => 1 : to have significance : MATTER <it will not much signify what one wears ― Jane Austen>
the whole sentence => what did it matter that those young ladies.... (it suggested it didn't matter that those young ladies...)
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