What did you think of her?

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Source: Oxford University Press-Open Forum1-2 (one teacher and two students are talking about Romeo and Juliet)

Teacher: Can anyone give me a quick summary of the story?
Student: ...
Teacher: Good. Very good summary!
Now Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s earlier plays. It’s really a favorite of many, many people. Both Romeo and Juliet are very well developed characters. They have real emotions and personality. They come alive as we watch or read the play.
So, let’s take a closer look at Juliet. What did you think of her?

What is the difference if I say "think about" here?
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    "What did you think of her?" ==> What is your opinion of her? What is your evaluation of her?

    "What did you think about her?" ==> What thoughts did you have, that were related to her?


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    In fact, "What did you think about her?" would be an odd thing to say.

    What did you think of her? - She's a marvellous person.
    Did you think about her at all? - No, I was too busy to think about anything but my work.
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