What do "mileage" and "route" mean here?

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In this sentence, "Manage your fleet with confidence, equipped with every mileage and routing standard available", I cannot understand the meaning of "every mileage and routing standard"; And in this sentence, "Only IntelliRoute (a kind of software) includes four routing and mileage types for the most cost-effective, truck-drivable to and from destinations", "routing and mileage types" is also a puzzle for me. Who would be kind enough to explain the phrases to me? Thanks!
  • Trapezium

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    Presumably these are business standard (e.g. from ISO or similar) for calculating routes and distances.

    So, whatever standards your business uses, Intelliroute will work with it.

    Maybe. It sounds like marketing weasel-words to me.

    Thomas Tompion

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    I think it means that the software is appropriate to any different kind of vehicle. Obviously small vans can go down roads which are unsuitable for large lorries. This software will probably take all such considerations into account when calculating the best routes, so that you can get an accurate estimate of transport costs either for yourself, or to give to customers.

    This is a guess.


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    Routing software may use one of a number of mileage databases, such as MileMaker HHG (household goods), which is proprietary to a single publisher. Routing standards may be, as Thomas has illustrated, based on vehicle size. They may also be designed to minimize stops in transit, total distance travelled, or time in transit.
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