What do they say?


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I don't understand what the mother and the reporter say. The direction is this: news dot bbc dot co dot uk slash 2 slash hi slash uk underscore news slash 7627938 dot stm

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    Hi interesto,

    dot = .
    slash = /
    underscore = _


    Edit: Oops! Misunderstood the question. I guess I'll leave this here just so people can get to the link more easily...
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    Hehe, that's exactly what I wrote until I realized interesto's sending us to an actual website to see a news video of a woman and son...!


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    The reporter simply describes that the son called 999, got cut off, but was determined to help his mom and called back until finally they sent an ambulance, and that ultimately he saved his mom's life. As for the mom...you might need someone from that region, because I could barely understand her either!
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