What do you call a shop that sells fruits and vegetables?

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  1. abigailmartin Member

    India - Malayalam
    I was wondering what you call a shop that sells fruits and vegetables only in the market. We have the grocery store that sells groceries. In a similar way what do we call a shop that sells only fruits and vegetables.

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  2. scrotgrot Senior Member

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    A greengrocer - it only sells green, i.e. plant items.

    I don't know if they have this word in American English.

    You say "in the market" - if it's a market stall, I'd just go with fruit and vegetable stall.
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  3. Myridon

    Myridon Senior Member

    English - US
    In most of the US, "supermarket" and "market" are used to refer to "grocery stores" that sell everything. Many (if not most) cities usually don't have Old-World-style "markets" made of stalls selling different things.
    We do have "farmers' markets" which are made up of many stalls. Each stall is run by a farmer who sells fresh, local fruits and vegetables. A few stalls might have other farm products such as cheeses, honey, maybe even meat.
  4. Matching Mole

    Matching Mole Senior Member

    England, English
    A greengrocer:
    A retail dealer in vegetables and fruit. [OED]

    There is also the peculiar word "fruiterer":
    A dealer in fruit; a fruit-seller. [OED]
    Not a word seen much these days, and perhaps rarely seen outside of Britain at any time.

    Most of these specialist shops have been replaced by supermarkets, I would say, so these words are of decreasing usefulness. The only ones I know of are market stalls; there is a market stall in the street in which I work that sells only fruit. I imagine they survive because there overheads are very low in comparison to a shop, and they do not have as much space to fill.
  5. shawnee

    shawnee Senior Member

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    WE still have a significant number of non supermarket shops of this kind in Australia. They are generally referred to as 'Fruit shops', even though they also sell vegetables. The proprietor would be referred to as a 'fruiterer'. The alternative, 'Greengrocer' is also used on the understanding that they also sell fruit.
  6. Fabulist Banned

    Annandale, Virginia, USA
    American English
    No, we don't. And I don't think we have stores that sell only fruits and vegetables under any other name, either. We do have "farmers' markets" as mentioned, where each stall sells the produce* from a single farm, which might consist entirely of fruits and vegetables. Also, some farms have "stands" at the side of road, where they sell some of their produce* to anyone who drives by and stops.

    *"produce" is AE for "fruits and vegetables." Every supermarket has a "produce section," and the place at the side of the road is a "produce stand."
  7. Hitchhiker Senior Member

    Washington DC USA
    In America it was at one time called a, produce market (or produce shop). I was watching an American television program from the 1950's about a family that had a housekeeper. The housekeeper went out to, do the marketing. The term, do the marketing meant to buy food at the different types of markets and shops. We still have bakeries and some butcher shops in America. Sometime in the early 1960's when most people bought food at grocery stores instead of markets and shops, the term, do the marketing faded from use and gave way to the term, grocery shopping. I see on the internet that the term, greengrocer is said to be mostly British and Australian but it is a known term in America but not very common. According to most sources I found on the internet, produce market is mainly American and greengrocer is mainly British. These days, neither one is very common in America.
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  8. franc 91 Senior Member

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    I remember the word - fruiterer - being used in the UK, though quite a long time ago, as well as the greengrocer's. There's also the shortened form - fruit and veg which is used quite a lot, so they talk about a fruit and veg stall in the market or a stall where they sell/selling fruit and veg.

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