What do you call this? [cardboard cutout]

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  • entangledbank

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    Basically it's a cardboard cutout. That could be any size, so this is a life-size cardboard cutout. I didn't know the name for the ones where a space for someone's head is cut out, but I googled for cardboard cutouts, and they seem to be called stand-in cardboard cutouts. Here in London you might see a Beefeater or a Horseguard (or Paddington Bear) to stand with.


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    I agree with Entangled.

    There are full-sized versions and we call them "life sized cardboard cutouts". The ones that stand up on their own are called "standee". Cutouts of Donald Trump are popular right now.


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    For the versions with the face/head cut out, I think it is normal for them to be of plywood rather than cardboard.

    I've seen terms like 'face-in-a-hole board' or 'head-in-a-hole board', for example here:
    DIY face in the hole board
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