What do you fancy? [in AE?]

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I walked into a pub the other day and a friend from England asked me, what do you fancy? Because the situation, I straightaway understood that he wanted to know if I wanted to drink something. My concerns is whether this is something that I could say in America or if this is something used only in BrE?
Here in Australia people would normally say, what are you after? to ask the same question.

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    What are you drinking?
    What are you having?
    What would you like?

    I think you can hold "What do you fancy?" in the US, although it will be understood.

    Thomas Veil

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    Depends on what you mean by "can". Will people have trouble understanding you? No. Will it sound a bit odd? Probably. It does sound rather... well, fancy. But if you're from Australia, you'd probably sound a bit odd to Americans anyway, so you shouldn't worry about it. We'll probably just assume that's how Australians talk, and then we'll use the word when we visit. Hilarity shall ensue!


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    You shouldn't say it if you want to sound like an American. If you're not self-conscious about sounding like an Australian when you are in the U.S., you may say it, and if you do so in a bar, whomever you address it to will very likely express a beverage preference.
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