What do you take me for?

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  1. Akasaka Senior Member

    Hello everyone,

    What do you take me for?

    What does this sentence mean?
    1. What do you think I am?
    2. Why do you take me (there)?

    My textbook has a translation for this sentence, which is equivalent to 2. Can it really mean 2.?
  2. xqby

    xqby Senior Member

    Oxnard, CA
    English (U.S.)
    I don't think so, no. The "why" meaning of the sentence starting with "what" would have to be something like:
    "What are you taking me there for?" - this is awkward, though
  3. bluegiraffe

    bluegiraffe Senior Member

    Nottingham, England
    English - England
    No, it doesn't mean 2 at all. It would mean "what/who do you think I am" from your examples - the meaning is that someone is taking you for granted, asking you to do something menial, or patronising you.
  4. Jack Naples Member

    Reading, UK
    British English
    It's an idiom. It means "What kind of idiot do you think I am?"
  5. Akasaka Senior Member

    Thank you very much xqb and bluegiraffe. I just wanted to make sure. My textbook sometimes makes mistakes.

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