What do you think/like about spring?

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—_______ do you _______ about spring?
—The flowers and the green trees.
A. How, like B. How, think C. What, think D. What, like

The key is D.

Can I also choose C?

If not, what would you answer it if it is C?


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    In my opinion. "D" is correct! Because the answers are "Flowers and green trees"; hence, the question need to be "What do you like about spring."
    The answer of"What do you think about spring" would not be "The flowers and green trees", it would be something like"I think it is a nice season!".


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    No, because D asks for a list, while C does not.

    "What do you think about spring?" seems like an odd question. It's very broad. An answer could be "I think spring is my favorite time of year" or "Spring is part of the natural cycle of things".
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