What does "an unprintable name" mean?

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I don't understand the exact meaning of the underlined part. Please explain.

FOR most of the century since it made its courtroom debut, fingerprinting has enjoyed an impeccable reputation for identifying criminals. What jury would acquit a suspect if his prints matched those found at the scene of a crime? It was thus understandable that when a speaker at a recent meeting on Science and the Law held in San Diego by America's Justice Department hinted that the technique might not deserve its aura of infallibility, an FBI agent in the audience took voluble issue and was later overheard calling him an unprintable name.

Source: http://www.economist.com/node/449298

I think it roughly means: The FBI agent disagreed with the idea talking about it a lot in an energetic and rapid way and was later heard accidentally calling the speaker "an unprintable name." I specifically don't understand the meaning of "unprintable name."
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    Thank you. I knew the meaning of "unprintable". I just couldn't understand its meaning in this sentence.
    It can be used more widely as a euphemism to describe someone’s swearing in a range of contexts where politeness is important. It might not literally be in a printing context, nor an absolute policy to censor such words in the journal.
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