What does "as well as" means?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Saklig, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Saklig Senior Member


    What does the phrase "as well as" means? There is no contex.

    Thanks for answering ;)
  2. Mjolnir

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    "And also", "in addition to", as well as other meanings below ;)
  3. Lexiphile Senior Member

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    If there is no context, then there is no discernable meaning.

    I have answered your question as well as I can. But it doesn't mean "in addition to" here.
  4. Saklig Senior Member

    The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to improve my sentence linkings. Furthermore, in my text there is a chart with different additions one can use in English. In accordance with the chart words like "moreover", "furthermore" and "as well as" can all be used as additions in English. For this reason I cannot give a "proper" contex, but I hope it helped.
  5. Lexiphile Senior Member

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    Moreover and furthermore can certainly be used at the start of sentence to link it from the previous one. Additionally could also be used in the same way. As well as doesn't work as well, since it requires a noun or pronoun after it: "Bill is a twit. As well as that, he's an idiot." Grammatically, it works, but it certainly sounds strange. "As well as being an idiot, Bill is a bit of a twit" works much better, but there we're linking two phrases in one sentence.

    By the way, context is spelled with a "t" at the end. And what you have now provided (the information about the chart) is context, albeit in an unusual form. If you can tell us what is meant to be linked to what, that will help even more.
  6. suzi br

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    A good way to test out these linking words (from your list) is to type one into Google and see how real writers use them in real contexts ... if you are then puzzled by any of the variation you find you can ask us more about it,

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