What does "bowling balls" mean in the follwing sentence?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by rawakate, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. rawakate New Member

    That's my wife. That's my son. And that's me.
    And there are about ten bowling balls in that photo that shouldn't be there, but they were there.

    It is what ted lecturer said but I can't understand its meaning.
    Because there is no bowling ball or pin. It's just ordinary family picture taken at the outside.
    So I guess it might be a kind of metaphor...
  2. Loob

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    The clue is in the next few sentences:
    And in 2011, I heard a fact that changed my life. What I heard was that if you are obese, the likelihood of your child being obese increases by 50%. [...]

    Now, I knew something had to change.

    and in the title of the talk Just Juice for 60 Days: Kabir Kumar at TEDxFremont (Full Transcript)

    The speaker was overweight: he was carrying excess weight equivalent to the weight of ten bowling balls.
  3. rawakate New Member

    Wow... now I can get it...I struggled to understand because I was focusing on wrong point. Thanks for your help, Loob :)

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