what does ICP stand for?

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Ahmed HaMaDa

Arabic Egypt
Hi everybody,

I read it in a letter:

HI Doug,
I'm attaching the revised specifications for the ICP. Could you take a look at them and send me your comments before the end of the week?

what does ICP stand for here ?
:) I hope you can help me
thanks in advance
  • George French

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    English - UK
    Write back/send an e-mail to Joe or ring him up and ask him for the list of the acronyms, meanings, that are being used (for whatever the ICP is a part of).


    It could be anything.
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    Ahmed HaMaDa

    Arabic Egypt
    Hmmm, I think also that it's ambiguous
    but unfortunately it's a letter in a book which help me only to practice English and our instructor asked us to search for its meaning
    thanks George and Suzi so much for your reply :)

    suzi br

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    English / England
    Tell him:
    Insurance Claims Processing
    Internet Content Provider.
    Idiotic clueless pedagogues**

    Then point out that different industries use their own acronyms for their own work!

    **(well, perhaps best not to tell him this final one!)


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    English but my first language was German
    With my technical experience, I first thought of "inductively coupled plasma"! :eek:

    However, here's the list from Acronym Finder.
    And at the bottom of that page, in case 112 definitions are not enough: Note: We have 250 other definitions for ICP in our Acronym Attic

    Hope you can find a way to make your teacher aware of the acronym zoo.


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    English - US
    My copy of the Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations offers only "inductively coupled plasma" and "intracranial pressure", neither of which is helpful in this situation. The online acronymfinder.com, as noted, may or may not be more helpful.

    Looks like yet another terrible textbook. We keep hearing about them . . .
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