What does "latin at heart" mean? ¿Qué significa ser latino de corazón?

Discussion in 'Cultural Discussions' started by gdmarcus, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. gdmarcus Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, USA
    ¿Qué significa ser latino de corazón? I saw this questin posted on the vocabulary forum yesterday. The person was looking for a definition, but I thought it was a valid question in its own right. I'd be interested in hearing from people who feel they are "latin at heart" exactly what that means to them. Latin-America is a diverse place; I would guess that the responses will be quite varied, too.
  2. boardslide315 Senior Member

    English, USA
    People sometimes say I'm Latin at heart since I like some Mexican music and got good grades in Spanish class, but I imagine for some there's a lot more to it than that.

    To me it's just part of the long list of names for people who are members of one race but act like they are of another...fortunately this one isn't too offensive
  3. gdmarcus Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, USA
    That's an interestig interpretation, that "latin at heart" means non-latinoamericanos who wish they were. I assumed that latinoamericanos could be "latin at heart", too; I thought it would just mean that they were proud of their culture, language, or background. But I assumed that the specific aspects of which they were proud might vary.
  4. lakary New Member

    Ohio, USA
    Argentina, Spanish
    Latino de corazón se refiere a la gente que tiene su "cultura y su tierra en la sangre"
    Well, that's the way it is for me though.
  5. Stigmatas Member

    English New York
    to be latin at heart could also mean a person of latin decent who knows who he is.. but doesnt display the normal day to day activities of a latino.

    For instance. Although a person could listen to country music, eat crickets, and speak english. At the end of the day they might want to or still prefer salsa dancing, tito fuentes, and mofongo. They would consider themselves to be latin at heart. When in rome do as the romans do.
  6. Cache Senior Member

    Spanish and Argentina
    Be latin at heart means a person loves his/her country although the big problems South America is going through
  7. Paribeth22 New Member

    Chile /Spanish
    The argentinian people love theirs own country...i think that its good..!!
    Sorry for my bad english!!
  8. mirx Banned

    Even though each of the countries that make Latin America has it own culture and lifestyles, I think we all feel sort of in the same boat at the end of the day.

    I suppose there should be a smimilar connection among Canadians, Irish, Australians, Americans, and why not? English too.

    Although the sutuations of our countries may vary we come from a common gound, and that it what makes us/them latin at heart.

    It must be the same feeling Europeans feel for being Europeans, It's, I presume, sort of the same feeling we have four our countries except this time, the country is made of many countries.

    Spanish must have something to do with it, music, some traditions, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc. Due to the huge national variations from country to country it mey be imposible to describe a latin at heart. It might be similar for the middle easterners, or the arab or muslim world, where geography plays a much important role, yet not as important as customes and roots.
  9. Cache Senior Member

    Spanish and Argentina
    Instead of "Latino de Corazón", you can say "Latino a muerte". You also can name the gerund in this phrase: "Argentino de Corazón", or "Chileno de Corazón", "Mexicano de Corazón".

    This has something to do with certain nationalism, in my opinion.
  10. Noel Acevedo Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, español
    Creo que hay un significado o variante como explicación que nada tiene que ver con el país de origen. Para aquellos algo mayores quienes recuerdan el program de EE UU "I Love Lucy" recordarán que el esposo de Lucile ball era el cubano Desi Arnez, quien era, para aquel entonces el símbolo de lo que se identificaba como el "Latin Lover": alto, delgado, pelo oscuro, ojos oscuros, tez bronceada. De ahí, todo hombre de raiz latina, hispana, no importara su país de origen, si era alto, trigueño era un "Latin Lover" y si perseguía alguna fémina, pues era "Latin at heart".

  11. Stigmatas Member

    English New York

    What I think you've touched on is identity. The way people see latinos. Although people see me as whatever they see, me I dont agree with them. I will always be latin at heart even if i dont fit the desi arnez description.
    Pardon me if i'm wrong about what you said.
    Also us puerto ricans have a saying that lets everyone know that we are latin at heart.. or better yet puerto rican at heart.

  12. Venezuelan_sweetie

    Venezuelan_sweetie Senior Member

    La Jerusalén de los Suramericanos.
    Venezuela --> Spanish -or something alik
    ¡Báilame ese trompo en la uña! :p :D

    Pa' que te lo cepilles, Stigmatas, ( ;) )there's plenty of expressions like that all over Latin America. Just insert the corresponding country (or simply, "latino") where it fits. Most Latin Americans living in Latin America are -way too- proud of their origins, if you ask me. However, that sometimes changes when one moves to Europe or the States (you know, when discrimination gets in the picture...) And I agree with you: (I also think) this thread is about identity.

    gdmarcus, the sort of definition you're asking for is too broad/unspecific. It's more like a survey than a discussion... ;) But I'd be glad to contribute!

    To me, latin at heart means exactly the same than "American to the crotch"... That is, whatever you want it to mean... ;)
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