What does "net" (in "net state") mean in this case?

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    This is from the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Results of PCR testing for adenovirus must be considered in the context of the patient’s net state of immunosuppression and presenting syndrome, because no specific viral-load threshold has been defined for the initiation of treatment.

    What does "net" (in "net state") mean in this case? "Overall"?
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    I think it is adjective definition 2 in the WordReference.com dictionary:
    after all events have taken place:​
    It might have specialist, more precise meaning in medical research, but it appears to be along these lines.
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    I agree. The adjective "net" means "summary" or "including all inputs". This is a similar use to "net profit" for a business or investment.
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    I see. Thank you! :)
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    “Net state of immunosuppression” is clearly a commonly used term in medicine. These are a few definitions found online:

    The “net state of immunosuppression” is a concept encompassing patient-specific factors that determine vulnerability to infection.

    The concept of 'net state of immunosuppression' comprises all factors that contribute to risk for infection…

    The net state of immunosuppression is a conceptual measure of factors contributing to a patient's risk for infection…

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