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Hello everyone.
Im 18 years old and I have been going on a french exchange with this girl for a few years now. We always twxt each other between trips and today she sent me this. I was wondering if anyone could help clarify its french meaning rather an word for word translation
D accord
- tes blagues ne pas toujours drôles (les miennes non plus pas grave)
- tu es un peu fou
- tu es méchant mais je le prends pas au sérieux
- haha quand tu parles français c trop mignon mais j a pas rigole car je suis gentille
- aussi ça m énerve j ai l impression que toutes les supers chansons que je connais viennent de toi alors que c pas vrai
Sinon tu es très gentil haha

Thanks again
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    Hello, and welcome :)

    We don't do that in this forum, as stated in our guidelines

    Could you please just let us know what is the word or expression that bothers you in this dialog?

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    So sorry to cause a bother, i could not find a more suitable thread. Would you be able to give me a ling