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  • rarabara

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    Good Morning,

    Before starting, I think in some cases it is normal not to be able to find 100% correct/equivalent translation between languages.
    "What if we don't call him" means: "onu çağırmazsak ne olur/ ya onu çağırmazsak?"
    for more proper (but (definitely) not equivalent) meaning I recommend one of these:

    "should/could we call also him?"
    "what if we call also him?" (negation is not required)
    "will/shall we call also him?"

    meanwhile, the response to these expressions can be one of these:

    "a evet,iyi fikir" (oh yes, that is good idea)
    "çağıralım,neden olmasın" (yes we call him, why not)
    "problem değil o da gelsin/gelebilir" (no problem he also can come)

    or something like these.


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    Good evening, my dear friends

    I've been wondering what the correct translation of the Turkish sentence below would be?

    "Onu da çağırsak mı?"

    As far as I understand, it means "What if we don't call him"?

    Haklı mıyım?
    Bahsettiğin cümlenin İngillzcesi yazdığının tam tersi: "What if we call him?"
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