What I'm feeling like is to


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I need to translate into Spanish the following sentence:

"What I'm feeling like is to borrow the car keys"

It would be useful a couple of examples with their corresponding translation involving the underlined part.

Thanks in advance.
  • Tal vez:

    Lo que me da ganas es tomar prestado las llaves del carro.

    (Como siempre, sugerencias y correcciones, por favor...)

    "I'm feeling like" can be translated as:

    me entran ganas de devolver = I'm feeling like being sick
    me da el punto de darte un besazo = I'm feeling like giving you a big kiss
    Lo que me da ganas es de comerme una hamburguesa = What I'm feling like is to eat a hamburger

    However, "feeling like is to..." sounds to me strange in English anyway.
    Hope it helps
    Blue eyes is right. I think "what I´m feeling like" is a rather odd construction. One would be much more likely to say, in conversational English, "What I really feel like is quitting my job and moving to Benalmádena Costa." "I feel like a nap and a shower would make me a new man." "I feel like eating a hamburger..." "I feel like my next door neighbor is up to something criminal, but I have no evidence."

    It´s very close to the various uses of tener ganas or tengo la impresión, but I don´t think we would use it in the present progressive very often.
    Qué os parece traducirlo por "apetecer"
    What I really feel like is going home and taking a good nap
    Lo que de verdad me apetece es irme a casa y dormir una buena siesta (de las de pijama y orinal...)
    Indeed, "what I'm feeling like" is a rare construction (though I can imagine it being used and indeed it has been used) and I neglected to note that. I simply jumped to translating "what I feel like" rather than what was given...

    Apologies for any confusion.


    actually, the sentence is part of the lyrics of a song. All your examples were useful. I think I get the meaning now: "me apetece", "me dan ganas".

    Thanks everyone.