What is <a?> Jogger's Nipple?

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I am writing a title for my Youtube Video.
The video is about Jogger's Nipples.
Which title is the best and most suitable for it?
  1. What is a Jogger's Nipple
  2. What is the Jogger's Nipple
  3. What are Jogger's Nipples
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    I would say yes, they would be wrong. "Water on the knee", for example, is a layman's term for a medical condition. We can say "What is 'water on the knee'?" but not "What is a/the water on the knee?" or "What are waters on the knees?"

    I don't think the quotation marks are required but I do think it gives an extra clue to someone unfamiliar with the term to recognize it as a term.
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