What is a "walking trail"?


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Hi all!

What's the meaning of a "walking trail"? (Within a company)


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    Hola Mara,

    As you know by now, we will smile sweetly, and then demand further background and context.

    Please tell us about the text in which this phrase occurs...
    What kind of document is it?
    Who wrote it? For whom?
    What sort of company?

    I'm being a pest because I've never heard the term used to describe anything other than an outdoor trail that people walk on, communing with nature, their exercise program, etc.



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    More context please.

    A walking trail is normally a path for people to walk along in a park.

    Some parks have hiking trails and bike trails, too.


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    Hi Cuchu! And sorry! I just thought it was a common term and needed no context, but I guess I was wrong :rolleyes:. So, here's the context:

    But I no longer interacted with most of the people I worked with in a social fashion. I even avoided the lunchroom and walking trail. I tend to avoid pain, and these places were often the sites of painful conversations, where I could only listen, and my speaking up was outside the boundaries of "normal."

    Thanks a lot!



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    May be this business is large enough to have an outdoor walking trail where the employees walk for exercise during their lunch break.


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    brioche said:
    May be this business is large enough to have an outdoor walking trail where the employees walk for exercise during their lunch break.
    It's quite possible. This practice is rather popular with large companies in my city. In lieu of major sky-scrapers, many suburban-based companies have multi-building "campuses" and provide employee benefits such as child care, health club facilities and yes, outdoor walking trails.


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    Hey Mara, I think "walking trail" just means walking trail. A walking trail would be the path on which people walk. So, in this context, it probably just refers to some path that the employees normally take throughout the day. Maybe the person is trying to say that they will not walk through the normal hallways that the rest of the employees do. What do the rest of you think? If this is some type of expression, I am unfamiliar with it.


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    Several workplaces of my acquaintance have one or more informal walking trails - not described as such of course. That's where people take a little exercise after lunch before getting back to work - and it's where a lot of business gets done outside normal business structures.


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    - I've never heard this before
    - Althogh it may have another meaning, I, not knowing what it meant having never heard it before, would interpret it as a hallway or any place others walk.



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    My opinion is that a "walking trail" here is meant metaphorically (partially) and partially literally.

    On the way to the "lunchroom" (like when we were young and small and in school) was usually shared with other people. Sometimes we were lucky to walk with our best friend. Sometimes we were so unlucky that we had to walk with our "best" (or should that be "worst") enemy. We sometimes walked with our own brothers and sisters, our siblings, so that we were somewhat protected (unless they ganging up on us too) and sometímes we simply were so unlucky that we had to walk with whomever it was that we really didn't want to walk with.

    I think this is the similar case here. I remember working in a bank in my hometown where I used to go to the cafeteria for lunch and sometimes one had to walk the well-trod way (basically the ONLY way) to the cafeteria with people one either really had wanted to avoid or simply had had no desire to make one's way with.

    In my opinion, this is what is a perhaps a relatively new coinage - "walking trail" could very possibly mean.

    All best regards.