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What is air fencing?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by filmmaker, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. filmmaker

    filmmaker Senior Member

    New York
    "Physical warm-ups that engage actors with each other - tossing a ball, playing tag, pillow-fighting, air-boxing, air-fencing - can enliven the actors and guide their concentration toward each other."

    1) I know what shadow boxing is. Is air-boxing the same as shadow boxing?

    2) What is air-fencing means?

  2. souplady

    souplady Senior Member

    california, usa
    english - united states
    Shadow boxing is when you go throw the motions of boxing in order to warm up for an actual fight, but you don't have an opponent. It's a solo activity.

    When you apply the word "air" to an activity, it basically means that you're going through the motions of doing it without actually doing it. So air-boxing means that the actors pretend to box with each other but nobody actually gets hit. Air-fencing is the same, you do the motions of fencing but you don't actually have a sword. Another example would be air guitar, you pretend you're holding a guitar and move your hands in strumming and fretting motions, and imitate the sound of a guitar with your voice.

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