What is Arabic word for victim and sacrifice ?

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    We use 'korban' in Indonesian to denote:
    (1) victim as in victim of accident, victim of crime etc.
    (2) as part of offering, sacrifice as in sacrifice during Ied Al-Adha, the hero sacrifiiced himself to save the kid.

    The word 'korban' is adopted from the Semitic language and most likely Hebrew. But, I am interested what will be in Arabic as we in Indonesia use "korban" in religious festival Ied Al-Adha.

    My questions are:
    a. What's the Arabic word for victim as in victim of crime?
    b. What's the Arabic word for sacrifce as in sacrificing animal for the offering?

    Thank you.

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    Hello :)
    b-أضحية, قربان
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    Most Abrahamic religious terms in Indonesian have their roots in Arabic (from what Indonesian Christians call Alkitab to mean the Bible to how Imam can refer to Pastors and Rabbis), there are very few Hebrew connections if any.

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